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Brokers with Zar Account

Brokers With ZAR Account | List Of Best Brokers With ZAR Accounts

Brokers that provide ZAR accounts are a perfect opportunity for South African investors who want to deposit, trade, and withdraw in their home currency. All brokers that offer ZAR accounts effectively provide a live trading account in which the South African Rand is the base currency.

The South African rand is represented by the currency symbol ZAR. The rand of South Africa is made up of 100 cents and is symbolised by the letter ‘R.’ The Rand is made up of 100 cents and is denoted by the letter ‘R.’ It is one of Africa’s most important currencies, and traders from all over the world use it. ZAR accounts have aroused interest because to their attractive rates, low payment thresholds, and convenience of use when making deposits and withdrawals, despite being a common feature in forex pairs.

Advantages of Brokers with Zar account:

If you are considering to start trading with a Zar account, it will offer you following advatages:

  • Funding accounts in Rand is faster, safer, and more convenient for South African traders because funds are stored in local banks.
  • If account holders want to trade in Rand, they won’t have to pay any currency conversion fees.
  • Beginners should consider ZAR accounts because they have lower deposit requirements.
  • Clients can still trade on major financial markets throughout the world, from the NASDAQ (NAS100) in the United States to the FTSE (FTSE100) in the United Kingdom.
  • Brokers with ZAR accounts usually need the cooperation of significant South African banks, therefore platforms that do offer them are usually well-regulated by the FSCA. ZAR accounts often offer reduced risk per pip. This is due to the fact that account holders are less influenced by the risk of exchange rate fluctuations in other major currencies.

Top Brokers with Zar Account:

  1. IFX Brokers:

IFX Brokers has been in business since 2018, and despite its youth, it has already established a solid reputation in the South African forex industry. The possibility to open a trading account in ZAR is one of the many perks that IFX Brokers provides to its clients. IFX Brokers is known for providing a secure and transparent trading environment in which traders can focus on refining and enhancing their forex trading skills by utilising the variety of trading and educational resources available.

  1. FXCM

FXCM is a well-known and reputed STP forex broker with operations in South Africa that provides full trading solutions to retail traders all over the world. FXCM provides traders with a variety of trading accounts, including the option of opening a ZAR-denominated account, which eliminates the need for costly translation costs.

  1. Khwezi Trade

Khwezi Trade is a South African forex and CFD broker that caters to both novice and experienced traders by providing comprehensive trading solutions and competitive trading conditions. South African traders can deposit and withdraw funds using popular ways such as Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), credit cards, debit cards, and a variety of other means through Khwezi Trade’s ZAR accounts.


Many South African brokers only provide USD or EUR accounts, owing to a lack of ZAR liquidity providers and international-based brokers’ fees being priced in USD and not wanting to take on the currency rate risk associated with ZAR accounts. However, for many South African traders, having a Forex broker with a ZAR account is critical, and choosing an account currency that is the same as their home currency has its advantages: traders avoid broker conversion fees, as well as the large conversion spreads that banks charge when making a wire deposit or withdrawal. Fund transactions between local banks are also lot faster.