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How to plan a vacation with friends for 2021

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Almost every year, there comes a period when we have to take a break from day-to-day hassles, school or work routines. This time-period could be short-lived such as a holiday, or it could be for an extended period of time like in the case of a vacation. Vacation almost always involves traveling- either to a well-known location or to an unknown one, although sometimes one can decide to spend his/her vacation at a tourist site nearby. While some people’s work category or income level affords them the opportunity to make quick getaways almost at any time, others have to wait for a specific period of the year or have to save up to the required amount of financial resources. One good thing for them is there are some trip planning companies or agencies that offer special services and travel discounts for those that fall within a particular occupational status, age bracket, or income level, like StudentUniverse and other such platforms.

Before 2020, traveling to different parts of the world came with little or no restrictions. But with the advent of COVID-19, most countries have imposed one form of the travel ban or the other. This has definitely made it more difficult to plan successful vacation trips. For those whose vacations are infrequent, planning a vacation can be arduous, especially when it involves a group like friends or family members. However, you can employ some of the tips below as you plan towards a vacation in 2021.

First, you would need to ascertain the number of friends you would love to go on a vacation with. Not only that, you have to also select friends that share common interests, similar lifestyles or friends you easily get along with. This is to avoid clashes or conflicts. You all would have to decide on a suitable travel date that would less likely clash with your activities, be it work, school or other personal plans. You also need to discuss how much resource (financial or otherwise) each of you would be willing to spare for the trip.

The next thing would be to choose a destination for the vacation. If your friends are few and are very much willing to explore new adventures, an unknown foreign location might be well suited. But if they would simply want relaxation, a nearby relaxation point such as a park or beach might just be good enough. They could also be interested in a road trip, a trip to an exquisite city – visiting and exploring locations such as tourist centers, fancy hotels /restaurants, museums, etc.

There is also a need to create an itinerary plan for the vacation trip. Each of your friends could create one for themselves or you can collectively create one that covers everyone. Making adequate transportation plans is also a necessity, and more so if the chosen location is a foreign destination You can employ the services of a travel agent or online travel companies like One travel and others to buy plane tickets/book a flight, bus tickets, or make arrangements for other forms of transportation. If the vacation destination is within a motorable distance, you can rent a vehicle or make plans to board public transport, depending on the number of people in your company. You also have to make accommodation plans, be it a hotel, motel, hostel, apartments or other options.

If you are going on a road trip, plan for breaks and stoppages within the trip. They could be done at a roadside restaurant or Cafe. Also, make arrangements on the kind of foods you are to eat during any vacation. This is particularly important if any of your friends are on a diet plan or have any medical conditions or allergies.

You also have to decide on the kind of activities to be done, such as hiking, mountain climbing or simply lounging on a pool, or a combination of different activities over time, depending on the preferences of your friends.

In addition, you would have to make plans for your departure. This includes making sure all your friends are aware of the departure dates and plans, have a copy of the itinerary plans as well as other documents such as international passports (for a foreign destination), driver’s licenses, and other valid IDs. It is also advisable to scan all important documents, in case of any unforeseen circumstances like loss, theft or misplacement. You can decide to pack all your luggage together or separately. Make sure all other essentials such as toothbrush, clothes, gears and kits, soaps, and creams, etc. are contained in your luggage. As much as you can pack your luggage ahead of the trip so as not to forget any important item.

Before you eventually embark on your vacation trip, try to ensure that you all purchase travel insurance in order to cater to whatever mishap that might occur.